Deeeppp Breath – We know that the current fight against the COVID-19 pandemic will not be over as if a light switch was flipped, but doesn’t it seem to you that it was turned on with the flip of a switch? One day everything was normal. Get up in the morning and get on with your day. Happy to get going or grumpy and resentful, now it does not matter, we’d love to have it all back. COVID-19 was switched on and instead of having an off switch, we are now on some sort of a fader switch that some force seems to be wiggling up and down.

We are struggling to outwait the virus but it is spread all over our great country coast to coast, all over the world so trying get back to “normal’ is not going to happen the way we want it to. The horrible possibility is once it is done “here,” before we can breathe a sigh of relief, whew! Normal! The possibility it will, God Forbid, restart, it will be back to continue its combat with humanity.

Let’s be prepared to exercise all that we have learned so a virus will never again be superior to our efforts to defeat it. First, we need to control our employees in the Congress and the Whitehouse. It seems a great bunch of us have forgotten who works for whom. We are the people and they are our public servants. My God, it is as clear as day! They are supposed to act upon our demands. I do not think I am seeing that! The President is walking all over our demands and our astonishment. The Republicans have given up their Constitutional duty to ensure separation of powers. It vocally, loudly, voiced its decision to surrender its power to the President. As a result, the President’s impeachment was degraded to a farcical charade of a trial without witnesses. My only point is, this should not have occurred, must not occur. It was not the sole fault of the congress or POTUS – It is definitely our fault for not exercising our constitutional rights to demand the employee group do as we say, or we will fire them. WE CAN DO THAT!

Let’s move on to now and tomorrow. Now, we are in Quarantine, if we are lucky and have the state governments doing their jobs as are New York, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, and most states. We are adhering to the rules of mitigation, social distancing. In many ways we are growing comfortable with the limitations

Some few of us are using circumstance as an opportunity; studying new, learning skills, beginning long put off goal-achievement. Many more are luxuriating in exercising their communication skills contacting, touching base with friends from the past, family, acquaintances. And for many more, a long-desired breather from life… All very good and very good preparation if there is a next round. But…

Dammit! Move back to life! Get on board with those of us who are involved with recovering, rescuing our government back to the people.  It is probably obvious I am not a fan of the current administration or its cult-like marriage between the POTUS and the new Republican Party. That ain’t the way it’s supposed to be… This is not what the country’s fathers wanted nor could they possibly have envisioned one of the separate powers of congress, Republican Senators, would abdicate their duty and merge with the Administrative branch.

The result, a totally farcical charade… a no witness trial. A trial that before it even began, Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell Promised, Senate Republicans would be “in total coordination with the White House counsel thus insuring the so inconclusive result we found ourselves with.  We are to blame. We did not demand, shout out as we should have.

That is yesterday, that is done, we need to be moving forward, For our country. Nov 3, 2020 is coming and that is something we are going pour out to swamp the polls. To ensure the greatest vote in American History, we need to support our safe health. That begins now.  We need to be in touch with our Senators and Representatives and remind them for whom they work.  They must approve a national mail in vole bill. We cannot be exposed by congregating around the polls. It is really up to us to both at the state level and federal level to demand mail in voting.

We are America… We are Americans, a government of and by the people… Remember you are a People!

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