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Time moves on, new events overshadow past events. This opens the door to new discoveries, opinions, and paths. So, let’s explore what we see today, where has earth’s spin taken us, Joe Biden tells us he will run for reelection.

Good On Joe! He has worked hard, instituted record-shattering bills, laws, mandates, executive orders, etc. Certainly, Earning the right to run again. However, I would be a hypocrite to say I wouldn’t prefer Mayor Pete Buttigieg. I am rooting for Pete to run and win the 2024 election. Either way, Joe or Pete, whichever runs, we must do again, we must repeat the 2020 effort and create an even greater turnout.

Put, put, put, traveling farther ahead I see that just yesterday we had a terrible injustice and people are up in arms. All political parties were represented in the protests.

Wheel of Fortune” fans are not happy after a pretty unfortunate moment when a contestant missed out on the final round because of a timing rule.

The contestant, Charlene, made it to the final round of Tuesday’s episode, where the category was “What are you doing?” After lucking out with some help from the standard “RSTLNE” letters filled in – and guessing the bulk of the rest of the letters to fill out the puzzle – she tried saying the incorrect answer “choosing the right card.”

“This one’s tough because you said all the right words, including the word ‘word’ but as you know, it’s got to be more or less continuous,” host Pat Sajak said. “We’ll allow for a little pause but not four or five seconds. I’m sorry, you did a good job in getting it but we can’t give you the prize and it was the Audi.”

Boo! When something so insignificant as this happens, people of all races, religions, ethnicities, and POLITICAL PARTIES, can put it together to stand for “Doing the right thing.” Well, why can’t we think that way in politics?  When one Party puts forth a bill that is good for the largest number of people, shouldn’t usher in bipartisan support? Well, YES, IS SHOULD but, wrongly, in today’s political climate, it is likely that that bill, will probably not pass due to tribal results. THAT AIN’T RIGHT!

No, that ain’t right! But it is the way it is and it is up to you and me to right that wrong. I know I think I am smart, maybe even brilliant LOL, but I am slow with coming up with the solutions. I only know the answer is not with the politicians! … It is up to you and me to make it right.

So, when making a political choice decision, I suggest you ask yourself, ”hold it, am I  responding by impulse or did I ask myself, “Have I examined who benefits? Do I want them to benefit? Etc.

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