September 24, 2020
He is better Friends with Putin Than he is with America

Better Friends with Putin Than with America!

When in history have you ever faced such a dilemma? The majority of Americans do not want President Trump but there is still a significant number of voters who still are committed to his reelection. Just to be transparent in this matter, we at are staunchly opposed to President Trump and are committed to revealing all the truths we can to try and persuade voters to Vote against Donald Trump.

We certainly will welcome all protests of our positions. We also will not allow publication of vileness, profanity, or threats otherwise, we will honor all submissions.

These are a list of just of the reasons we oppose Trump:

  • He is way meaner than anyone in Government
  • He rarely chooses the truth if a lie is more favorable to him
  • His tweets, executive orders, actions define him as a Racist and Bigot
  • He has proven his inability to combat any Crisis, the Pandemic especially
  • His lack of judgment has already caused the deaths of more than 200,000 COVID19 victims
  • His present stance, proclaiming if he loses the election, it will be because it is fixed
  • His statements proclaiming Vets, living and dead, are Losers, Dumb, unworthy of being given a place in Trumps parade

There is so much about this man that putrifies the very ground he walks on; How can women support him in light of the way he treats them, pussy-grabbing, raping, and how about mothers…HOW CAN MOTHERS SUPPORT A PICTURE DOCUMENTED PEDOPHILE?

We, who see Trump for who he is, ask in amazement, How can any brown, black, yellow, LGBTQ, person support him when he is so willing to ban you from entering the country, from staying in the country, from serving in the Armed forces. Do you believe because he wants your vote, He Wants You? He’ll throw you under the bus first chance he gets.

One final thought before we close this for your response if any, Can you remember back to the Obama days or even the GW Bush days? We still had our differences but the hate, the Constitution-threatening abuses by the administration; No, No, all this strife, hate, disgusting cult-like responses, we did not have any of that and if we want to live painfully, Trump has to go.