About us

The CannyElder is not a who- The CannyElder is a collaboration; a platform, for you and for every other person who wants to get more from life and wants to pay for the “more” by actively contributing from his or her pool of wisdom. You are as important now as ever but must get back in the mix that has made us, as an era, so great.

While The CannyElder is not a who, someone needs to be the technician who makes sure this CannyElder platform is maintained and kept relevant. I am the first member and am the one who needs to know the likes and dislikes that represent the most of us.  No category, not publication or posting is sacrosanct; what you like you will get, what you dislike will go away but, that will not happen unless you tell us about it. I’m Dick S. you’ll know my posts. So we recognize and know your posts, all you need do is register and go at it.  Please know, here you are respected and appreciated.