Attitude Determines Altitude

May 24, 2016
Attitude Determines Altitude


What do you think about the reasons to kill the ACA (AKA “Obamacare”)?  Reason #1- ” We promised we would kill Obamacare. Reason # 2 Mr. Trump will sign anything that gets to his desk. Reason #3 If we do not pass the kill bill, we will have to seek bi-partisan support. Reason #4 “you’re a Republican, and so on and so on.  Nowhere do you hear this will help people acquire reasonable, guaranteed health coverage that will protect them.  Listening to Mr. Trump’s speech in Alabama, I felt anger and disgust.  His rant about the Republicans not having the guts to vote for the latest repeal and replace.. .  Guts?

As a citizen, I am confused; Why does it take guts to vote for something that is good for your constituents?  Well, really, it seems more like it takes Guts to NOT support a bill you know nothing about, a bill that harms tens-of-millions.  I am proud of McCain and any other who supports following the tried and true procedures established by our founders.  As a citizen, I am proud of you. You who do not simply watch the “bad” happening and not protest, not go to your phone, social media, email and every other means to stamp out the “party first” philosophy that has grown over the past 8-1/2-years.

I am an American- I do not want my country being embarrassed on the world stage by leadership that does not lead us to good places. Savvy Citizen is counting on you to Not Allow us to lose our sense or empathy and humanity – We Are Americans full of pride for the USA!

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