Book, site, Kindle Recommendations

May 24, 2016
Book, site, Kindle Recommendations

Entertainment, Education, Time filler, fun, challenge.  You can expand the mole hills or bring focus to  the mountains that occupy your life by simply reading.  Having gone through 8 decades, I have participated in sports, outdoor life, gourmet delight and many other titillating aspects of life.  The one thrill that has followed me on all is the thrill of the read.  Currently I read from 1 to 6 books a week.  I rarely do nothing. If I am in the John, I read, waiting to fall asleep, I read, at the lunch table I read. In fact reading has become more convenient and more a part of my.  The big change was the change in my prejudices. As a former print publishing executive, I “believed” the printed page added to the reading experience.  I defended this position against the tablet, the reader, the computer until I became intimate with the Kindle . . . the 7″ Kindle and Amazon prime.

It is still the printed word but I am now able to carry ten’s of thousands of books with this 7 oz. miracle. Most of my reading now is cost-free and if I want special books, as little as 99 cents. That’s what it is I wanted to share with you.  I hope this opens the door to your input and recommendations for reading.




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