Any Saving Is Good Saving

May 24, 2016
Any Saving Is Good Saving

“Saving,” “Economy,” “Frugality,” What word would attract your input.  There are all kinds of things that would be “Saving,” “Economy,” “Frugality.” Start with a real deal or a free experience. There are so many of us that, for whatever reason, cannot just buy, spend, deposit on the things we used to dream of.  Our job here, in the Rev, is to find new dreams to offer.

We can substitute our see-the -world-dreams, for a great experience just a drive away, where you have inexpensive but good lodging or a great place to pitch a tent. Maybe a $500 seat at the name-celebrity-concert is out of the question, but local theatre or Amateur Performance that you have found excitingly worthwhile is a replacement.  You get the idea, share whatever you can about ways to conserve or save; substitutions or more for your money “secrets.”  You are there, the Rev is here, waiting for our input.

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