Questions For The Savvy Citizen

May 20, 2018
Questions For The Savvy Citizen

YOU ARE NEEDEDIt is sometimes so difficult to get feedback on what your next step should be. So often your family and friends are not able to tell you to do something because friendship, Love, family is likely to be more concerned that you do not get hurt and the way to achieve that, of course, is to tell you “NO.”

No can mean, don’t invest, don’t travel to there, don’t sell, Don’t, Don’t, Don… because you can’t get cheated, hurt, broken hearted. No is keeping you safe from so many other turn offs on your road. No is a sure fire way to keep you from being hurt.

People who care for you so often work hard to be good to you.  We, at Savvy Citizen, prefer to attempt to be good For You.  So feel free to ask us about anything and we will work on giving you an informed answer or apologize for not finding an adequate answer. We are not Brain Surgeons or space scientists, but we are able to offer insights to decisions you need to make or people-to-people relations or projects you  may want to undertake.  We do think you should know that you accept this advice as our opinions and you should accept our input as just our opinions. Ask us anything but we do not give medical or legal advice.  If you ask  us something that should be worked out by an attorney or a physician or other specialist, we will make that recommendation.
Savvy Citizen looks forward to being an objective adviser to you.  Use the comment box to enter you question or to respond to someone else’s inquiry.