Your Concerns

coffee-labels-ingenuity-dribble We live in a time we created but to which we seem to be visitors. We let the digital-cat out of the bag and now. . . it seems to have gone out of control. Who of us has not marveled, in a not too positive way, two people sitting in the same room, even across a table from each other, conversing by texting? And how do you enjoy the telephone queues we have to wade through when phoning companies -The larger the company- the more difficult it is to reach a human being. There are lot’s of examples we can point to and complain about but, don’t you think its time for us to stop complaining and get back in the stream. We can point to the negatives of the digital age but perhaps we need to spend some energy on discovering the benefits, benefits which far outweigh the negatives. Here’s what you can do to become more comfortable with the generational changes we started: Stop resisting: When you come across a confounding app or can’t figure out how to do a digital something, surf the net, or look it up on youtube where you can see the use in action. Stop asking your younger friends or kids or grand kids to do it for you. Remember how you showed them how to do their own math or science, etc? Now you need to tell that same thing to yourself. Do it yourself so you learn it. Learning is liberation. Help us step back into today- Please go to a post such as “here’s an Idea” and comment on how you’d tell us to step in to today.